One Simple Monthly Subscription

€4.00 per active profile

Mentorjam pricing is simple with no hidden surprises. We have one simple plan to get you started beginning at €4.00 per profile - and we offer discounted pricing for more than 250 active profiles. You only pay for the profiles that are actively engaged, so you don’t pay for those mentors or mentees that might be taking a well deserved break or have opted out of your programme!

We believe that the value a mentorship can bring to your company is the same - regardless of headcount or volumes, and we like this to be reflected in our pricing.

Pricing includes all of our features, from a white-labelled platform, unlimited programmes, unlimited profiles, email, calendar and video communications.


Naturally we can also work with you to create custom integrations to synchronize profiles with your HRIS, automate your onboarding processes or integrate with corporate calendars - currently, we are working on full Slack integration and have an exciting development roadmap we will happily share.

We offer real-time, live support whilst you get set up and can help you develop your mentoring programme, extend Mentorjam to meet your needs, or simply to offer a couple more heads to spin some ideas around. 

Contact us to find out how we can establish a pilot mentoring programme within your business and how Mentorjam can support your plans for growing your mentoring strategy.