What makes resilient people successful?

Success is made up of several attributes, and not everyone uses each one on their way to the top. There is, however, one overriding trait needed to be successful, one that every person on the planet has drawn upon as they’ve progressed: resilience. Along the road to success, setbacks are bound to happen. Resilience is a critical component to overcome those setbacks and keep on heading in the right direction, but what is it about resilience that makes people successful?

Why you need resilience Resilience is a great skill that allows us to recover from difficulties. Being resilient means swimming against the tide, getting up when life knocks you down and never stopping, no matter what. Resilience comes from learning, adapting and coping with challenges. Successful people can channel the moments where they’ve failed or experienced setbacks and use them to overcome and embrace challenges. The result is often progression, enlightenment and, most importantly, success. How successful people master resilience View stressful situations from a different perspective Everyone has their own way of coping with stress. Feeling stressed out can lead to a potentially tricky situation and make it even worse, as we allow stress to get the better of us and cloud our judgement. Yet, when tackled correctly, stressful situations can be minimised and overcome. Known as cognitive reframing, successful people can look at situations from a perspective that creates less stress and more control and tranquility. Have a positive attitude Approaching setbacks with the right attitude is the only way to overcome them. It makes a significant difference in your resilience when dealing with troubling circumstances, as you maintain a hopeful and optimistic outlook towards problem-solving. It’s easier said than done, but if you can identify negative thought loops and stop yourself from falling into a stress-inducing way of thinking, you’ll ultimately overcome many of the difficult situations you’re faced with, whether it’s in your career or personal life. Replacing negative thoughts with positive ones is key to being successful. Accept change Nobody really likes change, and we’re happy moving along in our comfort zones without giving things a second thought. But people who can accept change as part of life and embrace it are already showing some form of resilience, even if they don’t identify the trait within themselves. Change can be scary, especially as you head into the unknown, but it can also be liberating and open up new opportunities that lead to success. Resilient people might not always like change, but they accept it and move with the times to navigate the path ahead with confidence. Failures are an opportunity to learn We all face setbacks in life. Yet, it’s how we deal with them that shapes how we can evolve a situation for the better. Actor Will Smith once said, “Failure actually helps you recognize the areas where you need to evolve. So fail early, fail often, and fail forward.” And the Fresh Prince of Bel-Air was onto something: without failures, it’s hard for us to learn. We live in a society where failures are looked at as blemishes, something we should be ashamed of. But resilient people understand that failing is a way to move forward if you learnt the right lessons from your setbacks. Resilience builds self-confidence The more obstacles you overcome by being resilient, the more confidence you build. Sometimes you might need to dig deep to find the necessary strength to overcome difficulties, but doing so will help you cultivate the confidence and assurance required to be successful. Everything is about taking steps and not trying to become the finished article before you’ve had the relevant experiences. Take the small things that you identify as strengths and use them to bolster your self-confidence. Doing so will have a major impact on your ability to be successful. Resilience is inspiring Leading isn’t always about your verbal ability; it’s also possible to lead through example. When one person shows resilience and becomes successful, other people latch on – it’s infectious. This can be on a large-scale or through smaller moments, like demonstrating a positive attitude that rubs off on people at work. Resilient people have a way of putting a positive and lighthearted spin on things, which can be especially helpful in working environments. It’s hard to keep feeling negative about everything if the person next to you has a resilient spirit and is willing to tackle issues head-on. The key to success Being resilient means that you can handle moments you haven’t necessarily prepared for. It allows you to have an outlook from a positive perspective and overcome situations to move forward in the right direction. Whether it’s in your personal or professional life (or both), being resilient is an attribute everyone needs to be successful. Author: Estelle Roux-Stevens

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