The Difference between Teaching, Counseling, Mentoring, Consulting & Coaching

This blog spell out the meaning and differences between teaching, counselling, menotring, consulting and coaching.

Have you reached a point in your career where you stuck and you are not sure where you should be heading next? Feeling stuck in your life or job, but don’t know where to get support? Too many approaches and services available, but which one do you choose?

Do not fret, we got you covered. To help you better understand the various approaches you can take, have a look at this quick guide to help you understand the differences between teaching, counseling, mentoring, consulting, and coaching.


Teaching will help you develop a skill or knowledge for something specific. Someone shows you or tells you how it is and how it works.


Counseling involves diagnosing and helping you deal with a past pain or assisting you in overcoming emotional problems.


A mentor is a role model on a specific subject matter, and he/she will tell you, the mentee, how to do what he/she has accomplished in the past. It is more experience based than teaching. A mentor is normally a seasoned, trusted advisor who has gained knowledge and wisdom over time.


A consultant is a professional or technical advisor who will assess the current situation, and make recommendations. They are experts, specialized in a specific area or topic, so he/she is able to understand the problem and provide a strategic game plan with detailed solutions.


A coach will help you increase your potential to help you overcome obstacles in order to reach a future vision. They do this through partnering in a thought-provoking and creative process that inspires both sides to maximize their personal and professional potential. Coaching is future-oriented and involves guiding you to achieve your goals. Your Coach will ask the right questions to spark self-reflection and transformation from within.

Now that you know more about what the different strategies one can utilize to get unstuck, find a path and gain knowledge, let us share what we personally can do for you. Mentorjam has a variety of mentoring types available, sometimes it’s not easy to select the solution you think fits best. Mentorjam takes a holistic approach to mentoring with specific tracks that champion employee development, from “hire to retire”. Use one of our track templates or simply create your own track to successful mentoring.

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