The Mentoring Platform

that shares experience

through your organisation

Initiate, track, report, and boost your

internal mentoring program. 

Mentorjam for Ecosystems and Communities

Our unique in-company mentoring solution will help you build people-first mentoring programs. 


You can say goodbye to spreadsheets, manual processes and programs that lose their traction after a few sessions. 


Instead, with Mentorjam you will build meaningful, long lasting and purpose driven connections between your employees.

Tailored Benefits

  • Mentor / Mentee matching

  • Mentorship progress bar

  • Goal and Task tracking

  • Onboarding and Buddy Programs

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Mentorjam for Companies

Deliver scalable and measurable mentoring solutions for your community. 


Mentorjam for Communities was designed especially to operate within complex, multi-party environments like Communities and Networking organisations. 

We are strongly optimised for any community aiming to grow and develop their members by bringing mentoring to life within the community. 


Get the most out of your mentoring program by gathering all the data, interactions and history over multiple programs through a central database

Tailored Benefits

  • Multi-program functionality

  • Fully on-brand environment

  • Mentor qualifying

  • Smart matching

Mentorjam for Accelerators and Incubators

We work with Accelerators and Incubators who offer Mentoring as part of their program.


With our truly customisable program you can support all your startups and scale-ups on their journey to becoming the Next market leader in their Industry.


Typical programs run between 3-6 months with Mentoring provided by external experts. 


We can host and facilitate Mentor meet Startup days, Demo Days, Digital Trade Missions and more… 

Tailored Benefits

  • Facilitated Pitching sessions

  • Mentoring Feedback Survey

  • Facilitate Program specific events

  • Mentor / Mentee round table sessions

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