“Zero to Hero”

setup in minutes

For businesses that want to jump in straight away simply follow a short step-by-step wizard and setup your first, fully populated mentor programme in minutes. Of course we are always here to help!


Our templates make a good start but you can customise each mentoring track - who participates, how long the programme runs, what content is delivered and when. Totally customisable!

Goal Tracking

Create goals and tasks with due dates. See everything on our unique timeline. Add notes as you go. Mark actions as complete when they are done - it all contributes to the success of each relationship.

HRIS Integrated


Want to import profiles from your HRIS system? If you know your API Key (ask a techie) you can import your entire staff base in seconds - and synchronise results in real time at the push of a button. 

HR Dashboard

Programme overviews for high level health checks and the ability to identify and nurture struggling relationships. Monitor the activity across all your mentoring tracks in one place.

360 Feedback

An active mentoring relationship requires feedback from all parties. Scores from mentors and mentees for each goal and task count towards a positive outcome for the relationship.

Run multiple programmes at the same time - create and run a buddy programme, a graduate onboarding programme, reverse or group mentoring, or access external mentors for upper management mentoring.

Smart Matching

We’ll recommend any perfect matches we find! Smart matching integrates seamlessly into each of your mentoring tracks, providing recommendations based on how you've set your tracks up.


A living knowledge base of articles and tips for your mentors and mentees to use to get the most from their relationships. Add your own experience to our ever growing knowledgebase.