Progress through experience

Without people learning from people, real progress is impossible. Revitalise your company and harness the power of your employees.


Our Mentoring Manifesto

May we pose a quick question?
What do you think is ab-so-lu-te-ly critical 
for any organization? Leadership? The production process? The sales department? The products or services themselves? They all do indeed cover part of the equation. But the only correct answer is: experience. You need experience to know how to operate a piece of machinery or software; how to sell a product; how to lead an organization; how to connect with certain people; how to overcome differences; the list goes on and on. We define experience as: experience put to work in day to day reality. Without any experience, you wouldn't be able to improve yourself or others, nor to move your company forward. 

This raises another important question: If experience is of paramount importance, how can experience be successfully retained and cultivated within an organization? Should we start writing everything down? Make it searchable in a database? Cement it in protocols? Though all these examples indeed represent ways of processing experience, the most important requirement for sharing experience is heartfelt human connection. 

Let's look at evolution theory for proof: Gaining control of fire became a survival-improving piece of experience for mankind. Now it's not the experience on how to create a fire itself but sharing the experience with others, that did the trick for us. Connection between human is essential to survive and attain progress. 

"Without any experience, you wouldn't be able to improve yourself or others, nor to move your company forward."

You'd might agree with all this up to this point but still oppose that it's not easy to organize mentoring in a structural, measurable and scalable way. That's why we've developed a software platform to propel the full mentoring process forward, from matching mentors and mentees, to keeping track of progress and creating reports. Our software doesn't control people, it helps people to compassionately connect with each other and help each other out. 

We do this because we believe that sharing experiences in a heartfelt way is crucial for all organizations. Without proper experience sharing, progress is impossible to achieve. Not for people nor for companies. 

That's why at Mentorjam we believe that  sharing experience is progress. 

At Mentorjam we know that 'mentoring' is the ultimate way to share experience within organizations, and here's why: everyone who holds some experience loves to share it. This 'love' part shouldn't be taken lightly, because it's the essential preconditioned for causing the magical spark between mentor and mentee, leading to an inspiring connection. This way, a trusted relationship between mentor and mentee is established, in which the mentor can provide the right amount of guidance that will boost the mentee's confidence: they can do it. This completely falls in line with 'experiential learning', something that all educational psychologists agree on to work best for experience sharing and learning. 


Meet the Founders


Julian Stevens  

Seasoned CTO and product builder. Born to build scalable solutions.  


Also: Technology Mentor and Fitness Trainer. 

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Estelle Roux 


Bas Rogaar Advisor

Passionate team builder and organizer. Thought leader on mentoring and D&I. 


Also: Scale-up & HR Mentor and Keynote Speaker on Mentoring.

Experienced startup founder and accelerator MD. Commercial driver. 


Also: Business Mentor and Leadership workshop facilitator.

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We're creating sparks to light the fire. 

We take responsibility. 


The most important requirement for successful mentoring  trajectory is the magical spark: is there a true heartfelt connection between the mentor and mentee?


Our software aims to improve the probability of a mentor and a mentee generating a spark.


We also aim for a spark between ourselves and our clients - it makes work worthwhile, doesn't it?

A mentoring program often starts with good intentions, but easily degenerates to an ineffective, vague, non-measurable, process. That's why we've developed mentoring software that not only keeps track of the full mentoring program, but also help mentors and mentees to make the best out of it.


Our additional mentoring services like our mentor training program ensures that mentors and mentees are primed for what they're getting into.

Plus: a mentoring trajectory is taking responsibility in itself. It can help to bridge the generation gap in an organization, for example; or to establish diversity and inclusion in your organisation. 


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