About Us

Mentorjam is an Amsterdam based start-up passionate about people and the sharing of knowledge. With a shared belief that employees and people should never stop learning, and teaching, it's no surprise that we are obsessed with mentoring!


From hire to retire, from zero to hero!

Founded in 2017, Mentorjam is the brainchild of founders Julian and Estelle, combining their love of technology and over 10 years of delivering successful training and mentoring programmes to create a platform for the delivery of mentoring programmes for companies, both big and small.

Julian Roux-Stevens


Seasoned CTO and Product Builder. Born to build scalable solutions.


Technology Mentor 

Rocycle Trainer

Estelle Roux-Stevens


Passionate team builder and organizer. Thought leader on mentoring and D&I. 


Team & HR Mentor

Keynote speaker

Bas Rogaar


Experienced startup founder and accelerator MD. 

Commercial driver. 


Business Mentor

Workshop Facilitator

Donneli van Staden

Community Manager

Creative Project Manager and Client Success Lead


Community Builder