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What our clients say

Elizaveta Kolesnichenko - Head of Incubation at ACE

"The platform serves as a home base for startups during the program, and allows founders to build meaningful relations with mentors and with each other."

Michael Maximilian Moss - Founder and CEO of PromoMii

"While being mentored, the platform helped us to set goals together, plan events and tasks, share documents and do video calling within the platform." 

Jin Han - Mentor in various accelerators and incubators

"It wasn't until working with remote accelerators for various covid19 related programs that I truly started appreciating Mentorjam."

Yasmine Finbow - Co-Founder of Acume

"We’ve found Mentorjam a valuable platform for managing our mentor relationships."



Dear reader, 

My name is Bas Rogaar and on behalf of the entire Mentorjam team I’m pleased to welcome you to our new website!


At Mentorjam we find that the ability to share experience is what has brought humankind to the level of development where we are today. Learning how to make fire was a crucial step in improving our ancestors' chances of survival. However, It was the ability to transfer this knowledge that eventually enabled our species to make a great leap forward. Connection between humans is essential to survive and to attain progress. 


Mentioning survival and progress: the greatest asset to any organization is the experience harnessed within its people. This raises an important question: if experience is of paramount importance, how can this be successfully retained and leveraged within an organisation? Should it be stored in databases? Cemented in protocols? Go for it if you like - it’s a start, but according to us, the most important requirement for sharing experience is creating heartfelt human connections. 


Entering the 3rd decade of the 21st century, with our societies transformed by technologies plus COVID19 ripping through our economies, families and daily lives, we see that the need for heartfelt human connections is greater than ever. Teenagers deprived of the guidance they need to stay on track and shape their lives. Talented graduates that deserve equal opportunity to contribute and flourish. First-time entrepreneurs that dream of starting their own business. Entire societal groups that have been excluded but must now be reconnected and empowered. 


We believe that mentoring is key to improve the lives of many, to unlock potential within business and to bring our societies forward. This is why we are proud to support an ever increasing amount of organizations to facilitate the process of sharing experience through heartfelt human connections.


Warm regards,

Bas Rogaar

Bas Rogaar

Mentoring benefits

  • Improve employee satisfaction and retention. 

  • Increase employee confidence and productivity by 
    sharing knowledge. 

  • Nurture a healthy company culture and diversity
    within your organisation. 

  • Tackle the generation gap. 

  • Support transformation processes. 

  • Establish diversity and inclusion in your company. 

Mentoring improves retention by 46% amongst mentees and 40% amongst mentors.