Exchanging knowledge
fuels progress

Initiate, track, report, and boost your

internal mentoring program with our

white label SaaS solution. 

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Algorithm-based matching

of mentors & mentees, improving

success of mentoring relationships.

Our proprietary progress bar shows how the mentoring relationship is evolving. 

Our reports quickly show you what's working and allow you to dive deep into the data.

Mentoring benefits

  • Improve employee satisfaction and retention. 

  • Increase employee confidence and productivity. 

  • Nurture a healthy company culture and diversity.

  • Tackle the generation gap. 

  • Support transformation processes. 

  • Establish diversity and inclusion. 

Our clients say

Elizaveta Kolesnichenko
Head of Incubation at ACE

"The platform serves as a home base for startups during the program, and allows founders to build meaningful relations with mentors and with each other."

Michael Maximilian Moss

Founder and CEO of PromoMii

"While being mentored, the platform helped us to set goals together, plan events and tasks, share documents and do video calling within the platform." 

Jin Han

Mentor in various
accelerators and incubators

"It wasn't until working with remote accelerators for various covid19 related programs that I truly started appreciating Mentorjam."

Yasmine Finbow

Co-Founder of Acume

"We’ve found Mentorjam a valuable platform for managing our mentor relationships."



"The greatest asset in any organization is

the experience harnessed within its people."

Bas Rogaar, CEO

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Exchanging knowledge fuels progress