Bring your Personal Development to life through the Power of Mentoring


The average millennial spends just

1 year 9 months in a tech industry job.

The cost of losing an employee has been calculated at approximately twice the annual salary of the role.


Mentoring has been proven to improve retention by over 40% amongst both mentees and mentors.

Plus mentoring increases productivity, improves staff morale and helps a company’s culture.

Mentorjam makes mentoring easy.

Fully integrated with HRIS platforms and offering multiples

types of mentoring with pricing starting at €4 per profile per month.


Grow and retain

engaged staff

Mentoring has been proven to increase a mentee’s chances of promotion as well as confidence and well being. It’s the most cost effective benefit available!


Retain great staff and continue to build your business

Save money and valuable time by increasing retention with mentoring. Mentorjam delivers fast setup and a lightweight and flexible framework with pricing starting at €4 per profile per month.